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Private Tailor–Made Tours

(Cappadocia activity)

Cappadocia underground city on private tour
Cappadocia Private Bespoke Tours
  • √ Experienced freelance guides
    √ Go at your own pace
    √ See what YOU want to see
    √ Because you’re only here once
  • Book in English:
    e–mail: info@cavekonak.com
    mobile: +90–532–553–5140
Cappadocia Soganli village and valley of cave churches on private tour
  • Book in English:
    e–mail: info@cavekonak.com
    mobile: +90–532–553–5140

We work with the best experienced freelance guides of the region.

The vehicle is either car, vito or minibus.

A general plan for your tour is agreed beforehand, and you have the chance to change things after consulting with your guide on the day itself.

The guide can explain the options for lunch and you can decide for yourselves where you eat.

Most popular tours are listed below and can be adapted to your preferences. We can arrange any tour you like.

PRIVATE GUIDE HIRE. If you have your own transportation and want to hire a guide to go with you, this can also be arranged.


These sights are the most popular: Devrent Valley for different rock formations from erosion, Zelve Open Air Museum for an ancient abandoned cave village, Pasabaglari for fairy chimneys, a pottery workshop in Avanos, Love Valley panorama, Goreme Open Air Museum for Byzantine cave churches, Pigeon Valley viewpoint, Uchisar Castle and surronding formerly inhabited rock cones, Urgup's fairy chimneys (the symbol of Cappadocia).


The most popular activities are: Mustafapasa village for traditional stone houses, madrasa with turning pillar, 19th century church and Turkish coffee in a traditional Greek house. Further on you may visit Keslik monastery, Taskinpasa village mosque, Sobessos archaeological site, Soganli valleys, churches and local village food. If you do not see an undrground city on any other trip it is possible to visit Kaymakli or Derinkuyu on this day.


This day takes you further out of the region and you have a chance to see the following: Kaymakli or Derinkuyu underground city, Narlı gol (volcanıc crater lake), Guzelyurt Church, Ihlara canyon 3½km walk, lunch at Belisirma village, Selime cathedral, Pigeon valley.


There are many places for trekking, and some of the valleys in the central region are the most beautiful (red valley, rose valley, meskendir, honey and love valley, pigeon valley). Why not arrange a full day trek, or maybe even two half days connected with more traditional sightseeing.


This one day whirlwind tour goes to a selection of the main sights in the central region as well as an underground city. If you only have one day in Cappadocia this tour is the best.

  • Book in English:
    e–mail: info@cavekonak.com
    mobile: +90–532–553–5140
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