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Camel Safari

(Cappadocia activity)

Camel ride in Cappadocia
Cappadocia Camel Rides
  • √ Sunrise safari
    √ Sunset Safari
    √ Daytime safari
    √ Private or group safari
  • Book in English:
    e–mail: info@cavekonak.com
    mobile: +90–532–553–5140
Ride a camel in Cappadocia
  • Book in English:
    e–mail: info@cavekonak.com
    mobile: +90–532–553–5140

These take place in the central valleys with fairy chimneys, rock formations and panoramic lunar landscapes.

You can join a camel ride at dawn, and if the balloons are flying you can watch them in the skies above the valleys.

Daytime and sunset safaris can also be booked. The normal duration is two hours.

Wedding and special occasion photos can be arranged.

We can organize pick up and drop off at the hotel or coordinate this event with your other activities.

All safaris are accompanied by a person who manages the camels and leads the way.

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 +90 532 553 5140 (English)

 +90 532 553 5140 (English)

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 info@cavekonak.com (Turkish & English)

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