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Ride a Horse in Katpatuka
"The Land of Beautiful Horses"

If you have even a little experience of horseback riding, this is an awesome way to escape into the Cappadocian countryside away from the crowds.

Riding among the volcanic rock formations, you will be amongst some of the most beautiful valleys and panoramas.

Rides can be 1, 2, 3 hours or even a full day. There is even a special sunset ride of 2+ hours (start times varying throughout the year).

We can arrange pick up and drop off at the hotel or coordinate this event with your other activities.

All horseback tours are led by a rider who shows the way.

Prices* start from:
 1 HOUR: 65 Turkish Liras.
 2 HOURS: 110 Turkish Liras.
 3 HOURS: 220 Turkish Liras.
 FULL DAY: Please ask for route details & prices.
 SPECIAL SUNSET RIDE: 130 Turkish Liras.

Book by Email ››

* Prices true for 2017.